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— Josh Callinan (@joshuacallinan) June 19, 2017He added that a council representative inspected the field on Saturday“andon Sunday I had discussions with the council officers about the potential of playing.”

He said the weather forecast indicated the rain would clear, but:“It got very wet during the middle of first grade. The half-time break wasa hell of a shower.”

South Newcastle have three more regular-season games at Townson but the next is not until July 2.Merewether-Carlton have seven home games remaining, the next four in a row, starting with the annual blockbuster against Wanderers on Saturday.

“We have been in contact with council tomake sure they understand we have consecutive home games against Wanderers and Hamilton,” Merewether president Steve Reid said.“Our expectation is that council will be able to get the ground up. Wanderers and Hamilton are massive revenue games for us.”

Reid said he was hoping to attract a crowd of more than2500 for the clash with the Two Blues.

“It isthe greatest rivalry in Newcastle sport,” Reid said.“That is borne from the amount of people who turn up and passiondisplayed irrespective of where both clubs are on the ladder.Non-rugby people go there just to see the contest.”

Saturday also doubles as Merewether’s sponsors’ day.

Merewether cricket club president Ken Beckett was in disbelief when he visited the ground on Monday.

“I just can’t believe they played on it,” Beckett said.“It’s out of our control in terms of the cricket club, but it’s a mess.We take a bitof pride in the place and ourcurator does a wonderful job. Helooks after the ground like it’s hisown backyard…it was looking a picture at the end of last season.”

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