What does it mean, this house of cards?

Deep Meaning: A bloke builds a house of cards in a Newcastle Permanent ad. We couldn’t help but notice one of Newcastle Permanent’s latest advertisements.

Guess that’s the whole idea of advertising. Itmakes you notice it.

As you can see, this ad features a bloke building a house of cards.

Let us, for a moment or two, put on our Gruen Transfer hat. Indulge us while we analyse this ad. Analysing ads is fun. Try it some time.

So what exactly is going on here? Is this ad saying that this bloke has hismortgage sorted with the Perm, so he can relax and play frivolous games?

Let us put on our reverse psychology hat for a second. Is the ad saying that if you get a loan with the Perm, your life won’t be like a house of cards?

It could be saying that the Perm is a safeinstitution and would never be a house of cards (phew!).

Perhaps it’s saying that the economy could be considered a house of cards (think the global financial crisis), but if your savings arewith the Perm you’ll be protected?

Let us know your thoughts at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训.au on the Perm ad, or other ads that fascinate, bamboozle or interest you.

The Power of Flubber Anti-gravity is an energy source that powers UFOs in science fiction.

The Herald rana story online todayabout the future of energy. The story reportsBloomberg New Energy Finance sayingsolar and wind willdominate the future of electricity. The company was talking around the year 2040.

The Herald ran an online poll on this issue. We asked, what energy source will be most prominent in future?

As we wrote this piece, solar was in the lead with 34per cent of the vote, followed by coal with 29 per cent. Nuclear received 20per cent of the vote. Wind got a measly 4 per cent.

But in an interesting turn of events,flubber received 4 per cent of the vote. For those who don’t know (or forget), Flubber was a 1997 filmstarring Robin Williams as a professordeveloping a new energy source. This energy source was called flubber, because it was “flying rubber”.

Also in our poll, anti-gravity received almost 1 per cent of the vote. Anti-gravity is supposed to be the energy source that powers UFOs.

Nick Cook, whowas aviation editor ofJane’s Defence Weekly, wrote about anti-gravity in his book The Hunt for Zero Point. We’re not sure if anti-gravity is a thing…there’s more than a touch of sci-fi about it. But it sounds a lot more advanced than burning coal.

In hundreds of years, we wonder how humanity will look back on the burning of coal? If humanity is still around, that is.

Best Drop of Tooheys OldMaitland’s Brian Donne tells us there’s an event called The Great Wheelbarrow Race, which is held each year from Mareeba to Chillagoe in Queensland.

Held over three days and covering about 150 kilometres, it honours the pioneers of the gold rush days.

“The first day ended at Dimbulah about 60 kilometres from Mareeba. The hotel there had the best drop of Tooheys Old I have ever tasted – and it was on tap. Maybe it was because of the effort required to get to Dimbulah, but it certainly was worth the effort.”

Peter from Swansea sent us this image of his five-ex beer.

Speaking of Queensland beer,Peter from Swansea asked us: “Have you ever seen a five-xcan of beer (as opposed to a four-ex beer)?

“When I was in Queensland years ago, four-ex brought it out becauseQueenslandwon State of Origin five times. I bought a couple of cartons. I’ve got two cans left.”

Peter saidthe beer had won him quite a few bets over the years against people who couldn’t believe five-ex existed.

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