Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery is state of the artPHOTOS

Wallsend MP Sonia Hornery is state of the art | PHOTOS Fine Art: Erika Sorby with her portrait of Sonia Hornery and Ollie the greyhound.

Sonia Hornery with Ollie the greyhound, also known as Knight Sprite.

Erika’s portrait of Sonia Hornery in the making.

Erika’s portrait of Sonia Hornery in the making.

Erika and her injured shoulder.

Erika’s art studio.

Erika Sorby with an art award she won.

TweetFacebookRockthe HouseThey said you’d never get anywhere, Well they don’t care and it’s just not fair, That you know, and I know better.

Craig “Rosie” Rosevear was The Screaming Jets’ drummer.

You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you?That those are classic lyrics from thatclassic Newcastle band,The Screaming Jets.

Craig “Rosie”Rosevear was the band’s drummer from1993 to 2000.

As Craig knows, there’s a bit of pressure when performing at a live gig.

So crossing over from the world of rock to the world of property auctions isn’t an entirelyforeign experience.

There are some differences. For example, girls don’t throw their bras at him during an auction. And the after-parties aren’t as hardcore.

Craig has dubbed his auction style “rocktioneering”.

“The auctioneer is like the orchestrator, extracting bids, drawing the most out of buyers, creating enthusiasm and keeping the energy up around the property,”he said.

“I‘ve always had a love of people and property and was fortunate enough to have invested my Screaming Jets royalties into property.”

Craigwill participate in the Real Estate of NSW’s Novice Auctioneer Competition at Charlestown Bowling Club on July 5.

The auctioneers pick an item of their choice to auction.

Craig will draw on his rockheritage by auctioning a“rock-star experience” with The Screaming Jets and a personal drum lessonwith himself.

Proceeds go tothe McGrath Foundation.

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